Louise Lawler. Adjusted_Museum Ludwig, Koln

10 October, 2013

Museum Ludwig – Koln
11.10.2013 – 26.01.2014
opening 10.10.2013


When Louise Lawler looks at an abstract work by Jackson Pollock just as she would at a decorative soup tureen, it is a surprising perspective. Her photographs of works of art in museums, private collections, at auctions, or in storage emphasize the aspects that we usually fail to notice. They show just how much the meaning of art is shaped by its context, surroundings, and arrangement-and that there is no impartial way to present art. Astute, sometimes ironic, and never shy of debunking, for thirty years now this conceptual artist born in 1947 has analyzed the art system and all of its complex rules. Her work, molded by early seventies institutional critique, belongs broadly to the Pictures Generation, which also includes Richard Prince and Cindy Sherman.

The Museum Ludwig has made its entire building available for the artist’s first comprehensive survey in Germany: an overview of her major works is supplemented by new pieces in which Lawler reflects on the Museum Ludwig’s outstanding collection.

Further informations: museum-ludwig