21st Century Famous People Speak: A Courtroom Conversation

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Did you know the definition of agreement in Indian contract act?

Yes, I do. It refers to a promise or a series of promises, forming consideration for each other, which is legally enforceable. What about equal justice under law examples?

Several examples could be cited to illustrate this principle, such as the way identical cases should be treated in the same way.

Have you ever wondered how long property management contracts are?

I haven’t thought about it. I believe they can vary in length depending on the specific terms negotiated by the parties involved.

Did you know if smoked headlights are legal?

I’m not sure about that. It would be important to understand the regulations regarding automotive lighting to make sure they comply with the law.

Do you have any knowledge about the emergency generator requirements as per SOLAS?

Yes, as per the SOLAS regulations, commercial ships are required to have emergency generators that can supply power to essential loads in case of a main power failure.

What do you think about the new immigration rules for illegal immigrants in the UK for 2022?

I believe it’s important to stay updated on immigration rules to understand the rights and limitations of individuals living in the country without legal status.