Dayanita Singh_TOP Museum, Tokyo

20 May, 2017


Dayanita Singh, Museum Bhavan


May. 20—Jul. 17, 2017


Dayanita Singh is one of the most outstanding photographers active in the world today and the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum is delighted to present an exhibition of her work as part of the celebrations of the twentieth anniversary of its comprehensive opening.

Beginning her career as a photographer for Western magazines, Dayanita Singh gradually came to detest producing pictures of the exotic, chaotic poverty that conformed to the foreigners’ image of India. As a result, she retired from photojournalism in the latter half of the 1990s in order to devote herself to her activities as an artist.

Dayanita’s photographs have been described as visual novels, blending documentary with fiction, dreams with reality, absence with presence to produce unique worlds. In recent years she has developed her portable ‘Museum’ concept, having produced more than ten of these ‘Museums’ by 2016 and combining these to create the ‘Museum Bhavan’ (Hindi for‘large house’). Within this poetic, beautiful world she hints at the various problems the museum system and art market hold for contemporary photography and art, as well as depicting the sexuality, prejudice, class, gender, archives, information, etc. that exist in today’s society. She easily transcends the existing concept of photography and photo-books, pioneering new possibilities in the photographic medium. Her work is full of rich intimations of the future direction of photography. This exhibition will consist of two parts, an introductory section presenting her earlier works, such as: ‘Myself Mona Ahmed’ (1989–2000), “I Am As I Am” (1999– ) and her landmark work, ‘Sent a Letter’ (2007), while the second part will feature her later works, including her ‘Museums’ project that will be shown in Japan for the first time.


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